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March 26 2015

Homer reads my mind.
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March 19 2015

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March 18 2015

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March 17 2015

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March 13 2015

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March 05 2015

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February 28 2015

He's not coming back but he'll never be forgotten.
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February 21 2015

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February 12 2015

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Unitel, the Bolivian network that airs the popular cartoon, eventually caved and announced they would bring back its original time slot, according to the Latin Times.

Nearly 2,000 Bolivians wielded signs and voiced their outrage with chants. Some even donned costumes of Homer and the gang despite heavy rain, which didn’t hamper the protests. Local media reported that the demonstration was the first time there had ever been a mass protest by viewers who opposed a change in television programming, Central European News reports.

January 26 2015

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January 21 2015

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January 20 2015

TV: Your cable TV is experiencing difficulties - please, do not panic. Resist the temptation to read or talk to loved ones. Do not attempt sexual relations, as years of TV radiation have left your genitals withered and useless.
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January 13 2015

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January 12 2015


January 09 2015

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